Everyone should consider the importance of hair care to maintain our hair properly and avoid hair damage or hair loss. Everyone loves experimenting with their hair using different hairstyles or hairstyles but do you know how all these products and hairstyles can take a toll on your hair? Did you know the possibility of wearing a ponytail everyday damage hair?

Ponytails are the go-to look for each one of us, but regular tying your hair in a ponytail can damage your hair badly. Ponytails are the best and simple hairstyle to keep your hair out of your face and way while doing any work, but everything good comes with a price.

damage hair

How ponytails damage hair?

Ponytails are an easy way to style your real quick with also gives you a classy look and keeps your hair out of your way, which may bother you while doing any work. Tying your hair all day in a ponytail can affect your hair in numerous ways. It leads to breakage and fraying; this happens mostly because of the elastic band we use to tie our hair altogether.

The elastic holds the hair tight and remains in the same spot for a long time, eventually leading to hair breakage. Avoid using hairbands which damage your hair and lead to heavy hair fall and breakage. Try using something on your hair that suits your hair type and protects your hair.

Other damages caused by ponytails

When you tie your hair in high ponytails, it usually leads to a heavy headache that causes migraine over a long time. It has been reported that ponytails pull the nerves present in the head, which causes pain. Migraine is one of the dangerous side effects of ponytails.

Tight ponytails activate the sensory nerves more, which leads to back pain and neck pain. Holding your hair up tight can lead to severe neck pain and back pain, which professionals explain and prove.

If you have thick hair and place them in a ponytail every day, it will cause pain in your scalp.

Ponytails also take a toll on your skin; the effects are not severe but can be considered mild. The ponytail stretched all back can also stretch your skin, which leaves a long-term effect on your skin.