Women prefer to style their hair in innovative ways. They generally get bored wearing the same hairstyle for a long duration. Fashion and elegant updos for any events are creative and can be preferred for daily use. Updo with long hair is comfortable and versatile. They are easy to make and inspire a lot of other women in their surroundings. There are multiple creative ideas for transforming updos with long hairs. You can also welcome an updo hairstyle for any formal or festive look. Your curls can add an extra layer of elegance and beauty to your hairstyle.

Most fashionable and elegant updos for any event

Romantic Style Braid

Women with thin and mid-length hair can prefer braided hairstyles. The curls would add beauty to the loose bun and relaxed hair. The romantic style is much selected for any formal occasion.

elegant updos

Loose Knotted Side Ponytail

Women with long hairs can prefer a side knotted ponytail. The knot is simple and easy to form. The knot is tied just like the lace of a shoe and saves a lot of your time.

Side Twisted Curls

The curls are left to lose and are designed with their original twists. Women who are eager to protect their strands can easily prefer side twisted curls. The hairstyle is suitable for brides and any formal event.

Rag-Roll Curls

You can prefer to wear this style without the help of any tools. Rag-Roll curls work well with any length of the hair. They are comfortable and fun to make. They also help to maintain your textures.

Chignon with Bangs

Women can prefer to have a quick and short bun with slight waves of a straightener. The bun is left to loose with bangs that give you a look. You can add a few drops of hairspray to help your hairs to fall apart.

Red Carpet Updo

If you prefer having a vintage look, it is the best way to design your hairstyle. It usually works for every length and texture of hair.

Loose Updo with Ponytail

You can prefer a bun with a back ponytail. The style never goes out of fashion and can be worn for any occasion.

Loose Braided Updo

The hairstyle is easy to make and wear. Try diving your hair into different sections, braid them at various angles. In the end, hide the endings and form a decent updo.

There are multiple long hair updo ideas that you can wear and flaunt yourself. You can also try the above-listed hairstyles for an elegant and attractive look.